Count The Number Of Cells With Text In Excel 2010

There are a great many Microsoft Excel resources on the internet, and some are of a really high quality. Some even cater to Excel 2010 – the most recent version of Excel. To help you get to grips with this ubiquitous spreadsheet program, we’ve listed some of the better Excel resources here.

  • Excel Tutorials by – very high quality video tutorials for all levels at
  • Mr Excel – the Excel monolith! The number one destination if you need help with Excel
  • OzGrid – a fantastic resource for Excel tutorials and tips. One of the better ones out there
  • The Financial Modeler – a focus on financial models, with sometimes complicated tutorials. Older versions of Excel covered.
  • Excel Digest – numerous well written Excel tutorials.
  • XL Dennis – frequently updated Excel tutorial site that also provides tutorials on Microsoft .NET technology too
  • Easy XL – this is actually a product that adds over 50 time saving data analysis and manipulation features to Excel. From the MrExcel people and worth a mention.
  • Excel Is Fun – a whole bunch (over 1,000) of free video Excel tutorials on Youtube
  • Microsoft Excel Blog – Excel tutorials and how-tos straight from the horse’s mouth
  • Spreadsheet Page – a plethora of Excel tips by John Walkenbach
  • Mead In Kent – a selection of Excel tutorials, some a little more advanced
  • Excel Tutorials – the tutorials here seem a little dated, but the principles are still useful
  • Baycon Group – a variety of Excel tutorials for beginners and upwards
  • Excel 2007 Tutotials – a selection of easy to follow Excel 2007 tutorials. An older version of Excel is used, but they are still useful.
  • Graphing with Excel – help with visualizing data in Excel
  • M I Stupid – a small selection of video tutorials on Excel